Brittany has the biggest coastline in France

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Brittany has an enchanting coastline dotted with reefs, long stretches of sand dunes on white sandy beaches and pink granite rock formations which form fasinating shapes. There are too many contrasting sights to ever finish seeing on one holiday so the need to return becomes a must !.
The extraordinary varied scenery with its succession of headlands, beaches, creeks, wide bays and marshland is made ever more amazing by being regularly transformed by the rise and fall of the tides.

It would be a mistake when visiting Brittany to limit your visit to it's coastline. Woodland Brittany (Argoat) has plenty of secrets to reveal. The more adventurous among you can walk, bike or even horse ride through the woodlands on various footpaths, treks and bridleways to reveal some of the hidden secrets of the forests which include waterfalls, rivers, hidden water mills and an abundance of wildlife.

Locally grown and organically formed produce in their different ways share the same concern for satisfying lovers of good food and their demand for high quality, authentic products. The Brittany gourmet market is certainly made all the richer by such products which are a pleasure to sample. The are plenty of opportunities to test these out in the various imaginative resturants throughout Brittany or even to shop for them yourselves at regular markets and organic fairs held throughout the year. In Brittany the sea is a source of pleasure, but above all, it is a source of nourishment. Shellfish and crustaceans are the jewel in the Breton gastronomic crown, and seafood resturants can be found all around Brittany and are very reasonable priced.

Festivals and fetes of every sort are celebrated in Brittany throughout the year and some of the most popular remain the music festivals. All types of music genres are represented from traditional music to jazz and rock. All festivals are highly publicised weeks in advance, so if you are lucky enough to be visiting while one is due to be held or is in full flight, it is recommended you attend - just for the experience.